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The Best Firestick IPTV Subscription Service

Device like VLC, Smart TV, Roku, Apple Tv, Android , Nvidia shield, Iphone, Kodi, Computer requires an IPTV m3u playlist subscription while mac address device such as STB, MAG, Formuler, Dreamlink requires subscription by mac address. A subscription account created either my m3u or mac address allows you to stream our channels on your device.
Ensure you the select the right device and app when you place your order so we know the right IPTV instructions for your device to send.
Things gets a lot easier in digital streaming as you can now just install custom apps on your device and login with your stream login comprising of your username and password. In this case a long m3u playlist is not required.
This is an instruction on how to use IPTV service on your firestick device
Installing IPTV on firestick and firetv


STEP 1: ENABLE UNKNOWN SOURCES : When turned ON this enables app to be installed from third party sources. You can skip STEP 1 if you have enable unknown source turned ON on your firestick.
  • Navigate and open settings from the top menu
  • Click Device from the available options on the next screen
how to install iptv on firestick
  • Click Develop Options
  • Select APP from Unknown Sources and turn it ON . When this option is turned ON you can install apps from third party source.
how to install iptv on firestick unknown sources
Now go back to the home screen of your firestick device.
STEP 2: INSTALL THE "DOWNLOADER" APP: If you have downloader app already installed on your firestick or fire tv device you can skip this step
  • On the home screen of your fireStick, hover over the search icon on the top left
  • Type in "Downloader"
how to install iptv on search-downloader-firestick-clearstreamz-iptv
  • Select the "Get free to download" button and complete the installation
STEP 3: DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL CLEARSTREAMZ IPTV APP: If you have "downloader" app already installed on your firestick or fire tv device you can skip this step
  • Open the Downloader app from the home screen.
  • On the left side of the screen select browser and type the URL:
downlod link-clearstreamz iptv-firestick
  • Click "GO" once you have entered the URL. Type the URL correctly unless the app will not download.
  • The APK file will now download on your device.
  • Once the file downloads, a message will appear on the screen asking for your confirmation to install the application. Press the down key on your remote twice and click "Install" on the bottom right.
  • After the completion of installation, you will see a confirmation message stating ‘App Installed’ with two buttons "Done" & "Open".
  • "Open" will launch clearstreamz IPTV app on firestick right away.
  • Enter your Username and Password ( This will be provided to you after confirming your purchase)
  • If you have entered your username and password correctly, the clearstreamz IPTV app should load. The IPTV app on firestick has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Start enjoying and watching Premium channels on our IPTV service.

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