You can’t switch from STB/MAG to any other device like the Firestick, Android, IOS, Webplayer etc and vice versa. Enter your mac address (format 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx) on the order form.

If your app store is not USA region you can't download the app used for streaming on our service. You may have to reset your smart app store and change the region to USA

1. Search for the ‘IPTV Smarters’ app in your TV app store.
2. Install the IPTV Smarters app
3. Launch the Smart IPTV app.
4. Enter Anyname, your subscription username and password as sent to your email and the server URL as  (ask us for this information) 
5. Login into the app.
6. Press left or right arrow on your remote to navigate to the channel categories.

-Setting up clearstreamz IPTV kodi addon 

1. Install our kodi add-on here

2. Login with your username and password

-You can no longer use our service with  kodi PVR Simple Client, Our add-on can only be used

1. Download our custom perfect player from here

2. Login with your username and password
3. Goto settings--General--playlist 1 and change m3u to xc

If you have any audio issues, particularly, then try alternative options for the decoder. Settings -> playback -> decoder. This is trial-and-error, and there is no “correct” answer. It depends on your particular hardware. Take a few minutes and test with each of the options to see which gives you the best solution for your device.

1. Enable unknown source.
A. Navigate to and open settings from the menu on the top.
B. Click ‘device’ from the available options on the next screen.
C. Click ‘developer options.
D. Select ‘apps from unknown sources’ and turn it on.
2. Install the "downloader app" from amazon app store if you don't have it installed

3. Open downloader. On the left side of the screen select browser and type the URL

4. Click ‘go’ once you have entered the URL.
5. Navigate to the directory of your choice and click on the directory. Select and download any app

6. The apk file will now download on your device.
7. Once the file downloads, a message will appear on the screen asking for your confirmation to install the application. Press the down key on your remote twice and click ‘install’ on the bottom right.
8. After the completion of installation, you will see a confirmation message stating ‘app installed’ with two buttons ‘done’ & ‘open.’

9. ‘open’ will launch clearstreams IPTV app on firestick right away.
10. Enter your username and password ( this will be provided to you after your purchase).
11. If you entered your username and password correctly, the app should load to the following screen.
A. Tv: this is where you get access to all the live channels.
B. Movies: this is the section which brings to you content on movies on-demand.
C. Catchup: recording of some selected channels on our server. It replays content that was broadcasted a few hours ago.
4. Series: this is the section which brings to you content on series on-demand.
5. Epg: it stands for electronic program guide and provides you with information on what is currently playing on various TV channels.

1. Download the IPTV Smarters app from google play store. For IOS download wesopro iptv player from apple app store if IPTV Smarters is not available in the apple app store.

2. Install the app after download

3. Open the app and input the following account details that will be sent to you after purchase:

a. Username: enter your username

b. Password: enter your password
c. Server url: enter http://domain:port (Request this from us)

4. Select login to continue:the app should open a different screen if your account credentials are correct.

1. Download gse pro iptv from google play store or apple app store. 
2. On the left side, at the top click the 3 lines to open the menu.
3. Go to “xtream codes api” and click the “+” button in the top right.
4. Name the playlist as you wish. For example: clearstream.
5. Then enter http://domain:port (Request this from us)

6. Enter your account details to login (you will get this from your us after payment).
7. Then select add.
8. Click on force epg to update.
9. Pick your channel and start streaming.

1. Goto this  link 

2. Enter your username and password. (your account details after purchase)

3. Now you should be able to watch Live TV on your web browser.


PS: IPTV smarters app can be downloaded from your computer app store. Configure the app with your subscription username and passoword and server url.