Frequently Asked Questions


There are several ways to sign up for Clearstreamz IPTV. You can subscribe via our secure subscription and payment link on our billing website, which is in HTTPS for your security, or you can contact directly for other means of subscribing.

Once you have purchased and subscribed to Clearstreamz IPTV, a user name and password will be provided to you instantly by our automated system. sometimes it may not immediate because we must configure our system to add you as a customer. In very rare circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours depending on what service you purchased, when the service was purchased, and other factors.
Once the subscription is purchased, view the installation section of our site to install the required apps. Once you receive your user name and password, log in and enjoy!.
As always, if you have questions or problems, we are always here to help! Simply open a support ticket.

  • Our primary focus is on our customer. Our support is from both engineers and retailers. You can reach support on our facebook page, forum and opening a support ticket.
  • We only provide top-of-the-line streams, bringing you the best entertainment offering around – and we have almost not buffering.
  • Even though we provide the best streams around, we do it at the LOWEST PRICE. Search the internet, look at other providers and you’ll see what we mean.
  • We are constantly improving and updating. Most streaming providers offer one choice and they never update but not at Clearstreamz IPTV. We add channels, we add content, we make your experience the best possible – and we do all of this for no additional charges.
    We are focused on you, the customer

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) describes a system where a digital television service is delivered to subscribing consumers using the Internet Protocol over a broadband connection. It is fast and reliable and doesn’t require any hardware or software other than a TV and an Internet Connection.

High speed internet is required for this service so at least 20-30 Mbps is recommended. You can get by with 10 to 15Mbit but if you want HD quality 20-30Mbits is imperative. The internet is the backbone of this system. If you’re unsure about your device or your Internet speeds, please Contact Us directly for help, advice, optimization techniques, tips, and recommendations for your system.

All you need to buy is our Streaming Service. Our Service will run on any device: Smart Phones, Tablets, and Computers, Android Boxes, Amazon Fire Sticks and Fire TV, PC, MAC, Apple TV, iPhone iOS, Android Phones, Linux, or Raspberry Pi. You can cast our IPTV service to your TV. You can put our service on your Smart Phone and watch it where ever you are.


Many other providers charge extra for this convenience, but not Clearstream IPTV! How can anyone be expected to search through Thousands of Channels, Hundreds of Thousands of Movies, Sports, which are located around the world without a channel guide? Clearstream IPTV provides this guide Free of Charge!.
It is fully customizable, fully interactive, and has features such as saving your favorite channels. This is a definite bonus over other services which don’t have this or charge extra. Once you subscribe, our help and installation page can guide you on how it’s activated and used!

Simply put? The picture quality of Clearstreamz IPTV is Fantastic. Clearstreamz IPTV deliver only High Quality HD channels and all streams are either 720p or 1080p. Cable and Satellite providers charge more for this quality and not Clearstreamz IPTV! Look around…. You’ll see that the quality you get from Clearstreamz IPTV is far superior to other sources of streaming video from the Internet.

The full channel listing is available on our Clearstream IPTV Channels page. Documentaries, Entertainment, News, Movie-Pix, Sports Channels from around the world and more. Additional channels are frequently added and are done so at no charge. All Pay-Per-View Events, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA league Pass, NHL Center Ice, and MLB Extra Innings are included at no extra charge as a bonus! Checkout our channel list.


Clearstreamz IPTV work hard to make sure that everything from purchasing, installing, configuring, and watching your streaming service goes as smoothly as possible. But still…. Sometimes, people may encounter a few difficulties. Clearstream IPTV has a help page and an installation page which provides a wealth of information to help you. If you’re still having problems, simply email us or go to our Facebook page where we have dozens of engineers and support staff ready to help you with your problem! Clearstreamz IPTV is your only choice!

We encourage all customers to join our facebook page or use our support page for service or maintenance update and already discussed issues. You can learn more about IPTV by joining our support page.


Streaming content is legal. Streaming is equivalent of listening to the radio or someone handing a DVD to you, watching it, and giving it back to me. You never physically owned a copy righted disc. Downloading is illegal, and it is considered Copyright Infringement. Is Clearstream IPTV Legal? IPTV does not download anything, and does not install anything illegal on your devices.


Invalid server URL means you are typing in your logins wrong. Your unique username and password is case sensitive and have to be inputted exactly how it was sent to you.
Note: Your website logins and stream logins(subscription account sent to you after confirming your payment) are 2 different things or separate logins.

First Step:
The first thing you should always do if you have any issues is clear the app cache. This can be done through your device settings.
You should also restart your device and unplug your router, waiting approx. 5 minutes before plugging it back in.
If the above solutions don't work, continue on...

  • Your Internet Connection

Many people say “but I have xx Mbps, it shouldn’t buffer”. What you pay for and what you get can sometimes be two different things. The best thing to do is run a speed test. Netflix offers its on speed test at It is recommended at least 5 Mbps for basic HD (up to 720p), 10 Mbps for 1080p full HD, and 25 Mbps for anything higher than that. The connection needs to remain steady, with little fluctuation.
Being on a wireless network can also sometimes cause lesser speeds. Try checking the speed with a device that is connected via Ethernet cable to see if wireless gives different results. If it does, you may need to hook up rather than use wireless.

Number of devices:

The more devices using the same network as you the less speed you will have. If they are also streaming or downloading this will decrease the speed and share of the network you have. If you are going to stream, try and do it at a time when other devices are either off or not using much bandwidth.
Being on a wireless network can also sometimes cause lesser speeds. Try checking the speed with a device that is connected via Ethernet cable to see if wireless gives different results. If it does, you may need to hook up rather than use wireless.

Improve WI-FI Performance

If speed tests appear to be slower than what you are paying for and there is no significant difference between wired and wireless devices, and if there is little chance of other devices affecting the speed, then it may be that the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router isn’t the best. Here are a few things you can try to help with this:

  1. Make sure your router is not positioned near walls, metal objects or other objects that can interfere with Wi-Fi (like microwaves or cordless phones, wireless door chimes and even baby monitors!)
  2. For streaming, try and be in the same room as the router
  3.  If your router allows it, and most do, change to a different channel, as other Wi-Fi signals from homes near yours may all be using the same channel as you.

Provider (ISP) Throttling

What could also cause buffering is if your ISP throttles speeds to streaming sites. This is one way of them trying to prevent users from being able to stream from these sites, by slowing your speed down so much that you give up. One way to check if this is happening is to download a free VPN app, turn it on, and try streaming again. If there is less buffering, chances are that your ISP is throttling speeds on streaming, and the only options to get around it would be to invest in a good VPN or change providers.

Outdated Router

If all else fails to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal it may be that your router is older. In that case you may need to purchase a new router.
While sometimes, yes, providers do have some issues or server problems, more often than not buffering issues are on the user end due to one of the above situations.

We understand you may want to stream on your phone while on the go and for this we do not IP LOCK. However, our server will lock your extra connections to an IP( household) if we detect abuse because we frown at account sharing. What this means is that if you become IP locked to your household, you will not be able to stream outside of your home. This is a security measure put in place. If your intention is to constantly stream simultaneously at different locations then our extra connection is not for you. You will have to buy a new account for different locations.

Upgrades and downgrades can not be done in the middle of your subscription. When you are up for renewal, you can use the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your subscription account. If for any reason you can't wait until your renewal date, you can purchase a new subscription account.